Everything you want to know about Pizza

You love pizza. You want to know more or be inspired. We love pizza as well. On this page we answer questions, give out facts and inspiration. Read on and become an expert on pizzas.

The Pizza Steel products

Why not stainless steel?

Stainless steel is basically not stainless. If you clean stainless steel with a non-stainless metal, or scratch it with a non-stainless material, the stainless steel may well start to rust.

Stainless steel achieves its protection against rust by adding chromium to the steel. The concentration of chromium is greatest on the surface, which unfortunately reduces the steel's ability to conduct energy/heat significantly. Especially at the "low" temperatures, we find in a typical baking oven. You actually have to get above 1000 degrees before stainless steelconducts as well as ordinary steel.

As you can see from the graph, steel is much better at conducting heat at the temperatures you can achieve in your baking oven (typically 250-275 degrees).

If you make sure to store the Baking Steel dry and give it a new coat of oil once in a while, you will not experience problems with rust.

Which pizza has the lowest calories?

The Pizza Prosciutto (ham pizza) is probably the one with the lowest amount of calories. At 100 grams, it provides you with about 223.7 calories. And this put this pizza on the lower end of the calorie scale. A whole ham pizza of 350 grams still contains about 783 calories.

Which Pizza is the healthiest?

That depends. And it’s got a lot to do with the ingredients and especially the toppings.

The healthiest pizza is probably the one that you make yourself, if you use good quality ingredients and are mindful of the amount of fatty toppings.

Quick tips for making a healthier pizza.


  • a thin bottom
  • use organic ingredients
  • use more vegetables
  • choose lean meat toppings.

A nice touch is to eat the pizza with a side (or on top) of cottage cheese.

If you are ordering out or making a frozen pizza you could do much of the same. Add veggies, remove (reduce) some of the fatty toppings. Add cottage cheese on top or on the side.

How to do a pizza oven?

Instead of making your own pizza oven or purchasing a dedicated pizza oven, we of course think it's easiest and most practical to start using your current home oven and change it to a pizza oven with our baking steel.

Same great restaurant-like results and the steel takes almost no space and is easy and practical to store along with your other baking trays.

How many degrees pizza oven?

Most commercial pizza ovens cook at temperatures ranging from 700 to 800 degrees. When you make pizza at home with our steel, you probably need to cook at your oven's maximum temperature, ranging between 450 to 500 degrees.



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